Hi, my name is Chris Paris-Haines and I am the founder and author of this blog.

This is a new chapter in my own personal development as a personal project that I have lots planned.

I will be using this blog to write about a range of topics relating to health and in particular mental health.

I have decided to focus on mental health because I was diagnosed with depression in my 20s and have experienced the highs and very frequent lows of suffering from depression.

My Failed Web Design Business

I have started a blog because before I was interested in self-improvement and health I was a self-confessed geek.

This all originated when I started studying IT at school and then later studying for a degree in Business IT.

I am proud that I graduated in 2008, as at the end of my second year (in 2006) I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

In 2008, I started working full time as an office worker. The reason why I never applied for jobs for IT was that I enjoyed the subject but didn’t really have much of an interest in the end in doing it as a paid job.

From about 2010 to 2014 in my spare time, I was developing my web design skills in ordered to start my own web design business.

Unfortunately, my web design business never really took off. However, I did learn some valuable lessons from my web design business failing.

Some of the outcomes of my learning lead to me learning more about online marketing and in particular content marketing.

Mental Health and Self-Improvement

While studying for my degree and shortly after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as also having severe depression.

The doctor at my university campus did say I could go on anti-depressants.

However, I was very apprehensive to do so as I was under the common misconception that antidepressants make you operate like a zombie.

I did, however, take my doctor’s advice and go and see a counsellor. This helped me a little bit and was enough to put things into perspective so I could finish my degree.

The reason why my mental health leads me to read self-help books was that during the last 9 years in the corporate world I have had a number of periods off sick due to depression and stress.

I started reading about stress management in a hope that I would be better equipped to deal with stress before it becomes a problem and leads to a depressive period.

I found learning about stress opened up a new direction for my learning. As a book worm, I love reading and learning new things

In reading about how you change your thoughts and the way you react to them I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation.

Meditation is something I try to practice daily and find that I am a lot calmer now than I was before I practised mindfulness

The goal of this blog

I have started this blog as a personal project. Blogging is a way for me to put into practice what I have learned about online marketing and in particular content marketing.

A less tangible goal for this blog is to offer information and personal insights into mental health.

I am big on taking action on what I read and putting into practice the many techniques which make me more productive in life and in work.

I will share information which I have found have benefited my life and made me a more confident, happier and successful person.